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South African ​Stats

Millions upon Millions of Eyeballs

It’s official, South Africans love the internet.

Looking at the Global Digital Yearbook for 2019 a research document complied by We Are Social and Hootsuite , South Africans spend and average of 8 hours and 25 minutes each day, on any device.

When look at people connecting via computers, South Africans are the world’s second biggest internet addicts, spending almost 5 hours a day, on average, glued to their screens. 

16 Million Users
4 Million Users
9 Million Users
38 Million Users
6.8 Million

We Offer

Customised Social Media Strategies

Every business is unique and so too must its marketing strategy be. We work closely with you to understand exactly what it is you are hoping to achieve and then design a custom plan just for you. 

Whether you feel social media and online messaging is an insane waste of time or something the world would be better off not wasting their time on is irrelevant. 

Exponential growth across all platforms continues year on year and if your business is not coming to grips with this then it will ultimately suffer.

We Spy On your Competition

Don’t worry, we don’t do anything illegal!

Online competition is fierce but the good news is that with knowledge of the competition you can stand toe to toe with even the biggest players in your industry.

We can’t tell you all our secrets but what we can tell you is that we figure out exactly what your competition is doing right and all the things you can do better than me.

our Results Speak For Themselves

Online marketing can be a minefield full of snake oil salesmen that promise the world but don’t deliver results. Using hard data, metrics, we not only help you figure out how and where to position your business online but we used it to measure how it is succeeding.

No business is too niche to build a powerful online presence

We have helped shopping centers, biltong shops, electricians, bakeries, non-profits, and national brands.

have a look at our Case Studies

Have a look at some of our work in more detail and the results that they have brought out clients. 

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