Episode 1 - #Marketing Happiness

I started studying education after leaving school, and I was more interested in the psychological
side of education, so I was doing a BEd Educational Psychology, which is what they called it at RAU at the time.

I was very happy doing it, and I had always felt drawn to working with people and being in the service of other people. This desire started even at a very very young age, and I was drawn mostly to work with kids. I knew that I wanted to do something in that field and so you know educational psychology just seemed like the the
the route to go.

Something happened along the way, and when I was in my second or third year, I can’t even remember, but RAU called us in. They said there’s an issue with the degree and, to make a long story short, I could either go into studying straight education or straight psychology. Neither of these I wanted to do, but I carried on for a few more semesters and realised that it wasn’t for me.

I time off when I gave it some thought and then being 21 already, not finishing my studies; I had some pressure from my parents who felt that I had to have a degree behind my name so I
I went back to studying and did so in communications. This decision took me down the PR route which I enjoyed doing, and ultimately I landed up in advertising and more specifically, social media.

I headed up a social media department in a very well-known advertising agency in South Africa, and I was doing well. I was working my way up, despite me being a single mom after having gone through a complicated divorce, and you know I wasn’t in a functional space emotionally. Career-wise I was in a good place because and I could support myself and my daughter.

“I was working my way up, despite me being a single mom after having gone through a complicated divorce.”

I had the mainstream career and life, I had a good income, and luckily I also had the support from my family. Emotionally and mentally, I wasn’t in a good space at all, and I was very stressed out. I was overworked, I felt like I was missing out on my daughter’s life, and I felt a lot of guilt around. I was dropping her off at school at seven o’clock and fetching from aftercare at six o’clock in the evening. This schedule meant that I had a couple of hours to race through her homework, get dinner on the table, get her into a bath and then bed, it just felt rushed and disconnected. I had to repeat the process every single day, and I was closing in on my thirties so, as most people at this stage of life do, I started questioning my life.

I turned thirty, and somewhere around that time, I had what could be best be described as an emotional falling apart. I just knew that I needed something else in my life. I
knew that this wasn’t working for me. I needed to be in a space where I was happy with what I was doing and how it was happening on a daily basis.

Not long after this awareness, I met the man who would ultimately become my husband, and things started falling into place. He could see that I had interests in many alternative approaches to life as I had begun studying Reiki, and I had started focusing on my personal development.

I was healing many internal wounds, one of the biggest being a very abusive dynamic in my marriage. I was doing a lot of work on myself and the more that I was doing work on myself, the more it became apparent, that this reflective growth is what was missing from my life. I felt good, and I felt passionate about all of these processes I was going through I started studying more and more, and I became far more aware of the kinds of people I was surrounding myself with. It became more important for me to connect with people who were sharing in the same truthful journey as I felt I was on.

About a year and a half into my relationship, my partner noticed this massively positive trend and challenged me with the idea that I should look at doing this full-time. He could see how much meaning it was bringing me and how happy I was, so it was great to have someone there to help reflect that for me.

I quit my job. I went from earning an excellent salary every month to not making anything for a long time, but ultimately this is where my own holistic
healing business was born.

The business has both a physical space as well as an online component both of which I use to train people in Metaphysical or holistic healing. I have begun incorporating doTERRA products which are essential oils that I’ve been using since 2016. When I started my healing journey, I saw the impact they made in my life, so it was something I immediately drew into my business which was challenging because they were not available in South
Africa until recently.

My goal is to build a community, so no one works directly for me, but what I do is that I help them set up their businesses based around the training they have done with me. The practitioner level courses that I have include things like business training, and I do things like social media training, so for me, it’s really about empowering other people. I don’t want people to work for me, and I want them to work for themselves. I want to be able to help people who are interested in learning more about the holistic arts. In South Africa, it’s still new, but this also makes it exciting because it is growing in terms of it being a profession. It’s something that people are getting their heads around it, and I have seen that its something people very are drawn to, but they don’t think that they can have a successful business around this industry.

When you work for yourself, it takes a while to get your head around the fact that your income is not merely going to be there at the end of every month. That consistency is gone, and it is replaced with both a freedom but also a pressure to bring value.

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